A Living River – Celebrating 15 years of partnership on the Yangtze

A Living River – Celebrating 15 years of partnership on the Yangtze


To mark HSBC’s 15-year partnership with WWF, HSBC has commissioned ‘A Living River’, the world’s largest interactive sound installation created in an airport, at London’s Gatwick. 

‘A Living River’ is inspired by China’s Yangtze River. The Yangtze is truly a living river; vital for its wildlife, and China’s people and economy.  HSBC and WWF’s work to protect the Yangtze began in 2002.

‘A Living River’ brings HSBC and WWF’s conservation work to life through a series of breath-taking images and sounds recorded from 35 locations on the Yangtze.  

It’s an interactive installation and takes people along the 6,300km-long Yangtze River in just under two minutes; providing a fascinating insight to the sounds, people, local businesses and wildlife of the Yangtze. 

WWF, supported by HSBC, has had a huge impact in protecting the Yangtze since 2002. The long-standing partnership has helped to deliver a series of positive changes for the local communities along the river and the local ecosystems on which they depend.  

Changes include: educating over 135,000 farmers on sustainable practices; protecting 240,000 square km of wetland and helping 70 businesses to tackle pollution. Hundreds of millions of people depend on the river being healthy for their lives and livelihoods so it’s vital we continue to work together to protect it.

In this stunning new film, hear first-hand from a bird poacher turned nature reserve protector about the improvements seen on the Yangtze’s Lake Hong over the last decade.

The Yangtze is one of five rivers WWF is protecting across Asia, Africa and Latin America under the HSBC Water Programme. Read more here.

HSBC and WWF have been working together since 2002 to help protect the Yangtze.
XU MULIN, Beekeeper, Lake Dongting Nature Reserve
We have protected 240,000 square km of wetlands
We have empowered 144,000 people to adopt sustainable fishing and farming
Together, WWF and HSBC have helped connect 50 lakes back to the Yangtze River improving the  water quality and natural flow of both
The Yangtze is the longest river in Asia. Stretching 6,300 kilometres long, it supports 450 million   people.
CUNYOU HU Fisherman, Lake Hong, Yangtze





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