Top 10 Best Bluetooth Tracking Tag To Buy Online

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Top 10 Best bluetooth tracking tag Review in 2023

1. Aluratek Bluetooth Smart Home Accessory Track Tag Tracker, Compatible with Apple Find My (iOS), Attachment Locator for Lost Keys, Bag, Wallet, Luggage, Pets, Glasses, 2023 Version

Features :

  • Aluratek Track Tag Tracker is a small and lightweight device that can be attached to your keys, backpack, luggage, or any other personal item you want to keep track of.
  • The device is integrated with Apple’s Find My app, allowing you to track your lost items using your iPhone or iPad (IOS only).
  • You can set up notifications to receive alerts when your item is found or when it is detected in a new location.
  • The device has a replaceable battery that lasts up to 12 months, providing you with long-lasting tracking capabilities.
  • The Aluratek Track Tag Tracker is easy to use and can help you avoid losing your valuable belongings, saving you time and money in the long run.

Additional Info :

2. Coredy 1 Pcs Bluetooth Tracker Tag, Works with Apple Find My (iOS Only), Key Finder and Item Locator with Electronics Light Indicator, Global Signal Source GPS Finders for Luggage, Travel Essentials

Features :

  • Works with Apple Find My: One click connects the Coredy item tracker to the Find My app on your Apple device to see the location of your backpack, luggage, keys, or other items.
  • Obvious Alerts to Easily Locate: Using the Find My app, ping “play” to emit an unparalleled blue light indicator and loud sounds from your Coredy tracker, guiding you to easily locate lost items in dimly lit environments, or you can Hey, Siri to enable it.
  • Truly Satellite Connection: Coredy tracker helps you stay linked with your things via seamless satellite connection; you never have to worry about signal gaps while traveling. (Only supported on Apple 14 or above devices).
  • Worldwide Signal Sources: Apple device users around the world act as your signal source anywhere they are, helping you find lost items far away with no regional restrictions.
  • Determine Where to Search: As long as Apple device users are near your lost item, the Coredy tracker will update its location in real-time. Check it on your Find My app to determine a direction for your search.
  • Protecting Your Privacy: Only you can see where your Coredy tracker is. Your location data and history are never saved. The device that transmits your Coredy item finders location data is always anonymous and is protected by encryption at every step.
  • Lock It, Leave A Message: Put your Coredy tracker into Lost Mode and Leave a Message to be automatically notified when it’s detected, and if someone picks it up, they can access your phone number/email to contact you.
  • Anti-Following: Coredy item tracker has an anti-following system for better security. When someone else’s Coredy item locator sneaks into your belongings, your Apple devices will discover it and alert you.
  • Stylish & Wearable Item Tracker: Coredy item tracker key finder is the perfect accessory to keep you from losing items. It’s lightweight and stylish, so that you can wear it as a fashionable item.

Additional Info :

Color Pixel Art
Item Dimensions
Height 0.3
Width 1.38
Length 2.72

3. Key Finder Item Finder Smart Tracker Item Locator Key Tracker Compatible with Wireless Compatible with Bluetooth Tracking Device Key Finder Locator Phone Finder Anything Finder Anti-Lost Tag(6 Pieces)

Features :

  • Easy to attach to anything: the key tracker device comes with a keychain, you can put it on anything you couldn’t live without, such as your keys, wallet, and purse; One app can be added with up to 7 key tracker devices, manage your items in app, and no more searching for them around your house
  • Small and portable design: the key finder is easy to connect, very stable and can keep connection well; Small size allows for easy storage and carrying while not taking up much room, portable enough for you to carry around
  • Anti-lost alarm: keep your app running in the background and when your items are over the range for bluetooth, both your item finder and phone would go off with loud tune to alarm you that something has been left behind; You would not miss your important things with the help of this smart tracker, timely reminder would leave you great peace of mind when you are outside or in case of emergency
  • Replaceable battery and extra battery: the built-in battery is replaceable, so there’s no need to replace the item tracker any more; You can change the battery yourself, extra battery is included, when the built-in battery runs out, replace the battery and reactivate your tracker
  • Disconnected location record: once your items goes out of range and gets lost, the app will automatically record the last place where this item locator is disconnected from your phone, so you can speculate approximate location based on the last recorded spot shown in the app map to find your missing items; When you get close to your lost finder in the connection range, the finder and app will automatically reconnect, then you can call your items

Additional Info :

4. Key Finder Locator – Bluetooth Tracker tag, Item Locator for Keys Wallets Luggage Compatible with Apple Find My, Phone Finder with Up to 145 ft Range, Smart Tags with Replaceable Batteries (iOS Only)

Features :

  • Versatile Tracker Tag: Find Tag helps you keep track of your things, attach Find Tag to Everyday Items, find your items in the Find My App (ISO only, not for Android) Built-in speaker plays beeps to help find your items. When you lose something, it can bring you near it or tell you the latest location.
  • Privacy Protection: To protect privacy, all communication with the Find My network is anonymous and encrypted for privacy, Location data and history are never stored on Finder Tag.
  • Precise positioning: Unlike other Android key finder, our Bluetooth key finder have a more powerful range and accurate positioning through Find My network & bluetooth. Find items further away with the help of hundreds of millions of Apple devices in the Find My network.
  • Remind and Anti-lost tracker: You can use the key tracker at home or anywhere. when it’s within Bluetooth range,you can ring it by Find My. if it out of Bluetooth range, In Find My app ,it will direct you find your item position.Put Finder Tag into Lost Mode to be automatically notified when it’s detected in the Find My network.
  • Replaceable Battery: Smart track tag comes with a replaceable battery that can be used for up to a year.Hidden buttons to avoid accidental touch; compact battery cover to avoid being easily opened.
  • Customer Service: We provide you with high-quality Bluetooth Luggage Tracker tag and after-sales service. If you have any questions, please contact us, and we will serve you until you are satisfied

Additional Info :

5. Key Finder Wireless Bluetooth Tracker – Locator Tags Key RF Locator Item Anti-Lost Tag Alarm Reminder, 1 RF Transmitter 4 Receivers, Remote Control for Finding Pet, Wallet and Keys

Features :

  • Key Finder–Best gifts for everyone, Especially for aged and forgetful people.Give them a set of Ldcx key finder searchers, which means saving trouble in a stressful life.
  • Wireless Bluetooth Tracker Locator–The item key finder receiver sounds ” beeps”, leading you to tracking your lost item. The remote control with a led light , it is extremely handy when you need to find something in the dark night
  • Key RF Locator–Simjar Item Key Finder with 1 RF transmitter (Remote) and 4 receivers for locating any items like keys, pets, wallet, purse, glasses, luggage and so on in the daytime or at night
  • Multi-function Key Finders–NO phone and app needed. Simply press on the related color-coded buttons. Receiver sounds/beeps, leading you to track your lost item within 40 meters/ 131 feet (Walls and other obstacles will reduce the sound level.
  • Key Finder Locator–4 * Key Rings(Circumference: 1.85inch); 2 x Key Rings(Circumference: 5.9inch; 2 x Key Rings(Circumference: 2.95inch). Long chains help to attach the receivers to bags, luggage and so on, which are much more convenient to use

Additional Info :

6. Key Finder, Bluetooth Tracker Locator Pairs with Apple Find My, Item Finder for Keys,Wallet,Pets,Bag,Backpack and Suitcase, 400ft Range Smart Tracker Tags, Compatible with iOS (iOS only), Black 1Pack

Features :

  • NVQ Key Finder: Keep track of your belongings, such as keys, bags, suitcase, backpacks, and wallet with the versatile NVQ item finder. This key finder connects to your phone via Bluetooth and works with the Apple Find My App(only iSO).
  • Find Nearby and Far: Use the Find My app to ring your NVQ key locator when it’s within Bluetooth range so that you can find your items quickly, or you can also find items further away with the help of millions of Apple devices in the Find My network.
  • Lost Mode: Activate lost mode on your NVQ key finder to receive automatic notifications when it is detected in the Find My network. If someone finds your lost NVQ locator, they can access your contact information through their Find My network.
  • Small but Excellent: The IP67 water-resistant luggage tracker tag has a more far range and accurate positioning, emits a loud ring of up to 80dB. When the battery is low, the NVQ key finder will alert you to replace it with a CR2032 battery.
  • Privacy Protection: To protect privacy, the Find My app network is encrypted and anonymous, and location data and history are not stored on the NVQ key finder. If you have any questions about the use of NVQ Item locator, feel free to contact us for fast 24-hour support. We will be standing by to provide you with a prompt response.

Additional Info :

Color Black 1 pack
Item Dimensions
Height 0.15748
Width 1.5748
Length 1.5748

7. Bluetooth Tracker and Item Locator: Key Finder, Smart tag Item Finder Works with Apple Find My(only iOS Compatible),1 Year Replaceable Battery, Smart Tracker for Keys Bags Wallets Pet (Black-1pack)

Features :

  • FIND NEARBY AND FAR: When you item lost, Use the Find My app to ring your smart tracker when it’s within Bluetooth range, it can leads you right to yours nearby or tell you the newest location. You also find items further away with the help of hundreds of millions of Apple devices in the Find My network.
  • FREE LEFT-BEHIND ALERTS: Enable the “Notify when Left Behind” toggle via the Apple Find My app, you will receive a notification when you leave your item Locator behind and it is no longer in range of your device (with no added fee).
  • PRIVACY PROTECTION: To protect privacy, all communication with the Find My network is anonymous and encrypted, Location data and history are never stored on the key tracker.
  • WORKS WITH APPLE FIND MY APP & EASY PAIRING: Just use the pre-installed Find My app and tap “Add Item” and “Other Supported Item”, and the pairing can be completed within 30 seconds. You can locate tracker tag anywhere in the world using Apple’s network of millions of devices.
  • PORTABLE AND LASTING ENDURANCE: The luggage finder is IP65 water resistant, has a loud ring up to 90dB. The luggage tracker comes with a CR2032 battery, up to 1 year battery life. When the battery is low, GPS tracker will notify you to replace the battery. We provide 24 months warranty for apple tracker tags.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 0.27
Width 1.45
Length 1.45

8. MiLi Key Finder Locator Luggage Tracker, Apple MFi Certified Portable Bluetooth Tracker Works with Apple Find My(iOS Only), Key Tracker Tag with Holder Case for Keys Pet Wallets Bags (Black 1 Pack)

Features :

  • ✅EASILY LOCATE YOUR ITEM: MiTag is a Bluetooth item finder/locator that can easily locate your item by ”Find My” app (compatible with Apple iOS ONLY), activate sounds when it’s within Bluetooth Range(100m/350ft) or check recent location with the help of hundreds of millions of Apple devices in ”Find My” network.
  • ✅LEFT BEHIND REMIND: You may attach this key tracker to anything you need to keep an eye on. When your belonging is left beyond the Bluetooth range, the item locator will send you a reminder (turn on the notification setting in advance) so you can go back and retrieve it.
  • ✅LEATHER HOLDER CASE FOR FREE: A leather holder case is included for storing the key finder tag. With the leather case, you can more easily attach the key finder to your keychain, backpack, handbag, luggage, pet collar of your cat or dog, etc. Using it as a luggage tracker, car key finder, pet tracker, wallet finder, and more.
  • ✅REPLACEABLE BATTERY: The Package include an extra battery (CR2032) for MiTag is the same as that for Apple Air Tag, which lasts up to 12 months. You can check the battery status in ”Find My” app, and replace it in time. The long battery life makes sure the item tracking tag is always active to help you locate your items.
  • ✅ONE-MINUTE SETUP: Setting up and using Mitag is as simple as Apple Air Tag, taking just a quick one-minute setup.

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 0.31496
Width 1.515745
Length 1.515745

9. Key Finder Bluetooth Tracker Item Locator Tracking Device Compatible with iOS & Android Smart Tracker for Suitcase, Bag, Backpack, Wallet,with Replaceable Battery Smart App Item Finder (2 Pack)

Features :

  • Multifunctional Key Finder Tag : Keep tracking and find your items in the App,which is suitable for Android & apple system;Built-in speaker play beep sound to help find your things, when you item lost,it can leads you right to your nearby or tell you the last connected position.
  • Ultra-thin Bluetooth Track Smart Finder: Our key tracker length * width*hight: 34(1.34in) * 35mm (1.37in)* 6mm (0.24in),Suitable for wallet, backpack, suitcase, elderly, children, pets, cars and any other business you want to know the location in time
  • Privacy Protection : To protect privacy, all data in the App is anonymous and encrypted, Location data and history are never stored on the finder tag.RSH bluetooth tracking tag only Sending and receiving signals.
  • Anti-lost tracker & Two Way Prompt: If the bluetooth finder exceeds the distance it will sound to help you find miss items quickly; If within Bluetooth range, click the “CALL” on the App to make your key finder ring and find it quickly;Press the tag button 2 times,your phone will ring to help you find your phone.Smartlife App has location map, and will record the last connected location to help you find anything you care.
  • Enough Combination Package:2 smart tags+2 hooks+2 lanyards are a perfect combination that allows you to easily connect to any object. The smart tracker already contains a battery, please use it directly. Two additional batteries provided for future replacement. Don’t worry about running out of electricity.
  • Mini Tracking Device Customer Service: We provide you with high-quality Luggage Tracker and after-sales service. If you have any questions, please contact us, and we will serve you until you are satisfied

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 0.3
Width 1.4
Length 1.4

10. FLAIDO Item Locator Works with iOS Find My app,Mini Device Tracking Airtag Bluetooth Tracker Smart Tag Tracker,Long Time Standby BLE Tracking for Key,Pet,Wallet,Bike,Bag Anti-Lost Alarm,Black

Features :

  • ✅ Easy Tracking – Keep tracking of your value belongings no stress, it is compatible with iOS Find My App. Just attach this little tracker to everyday things like keys, backpacks or wallet, use your phone to track them and keep them in touch.
  • ✅ Nearby Tracking – Use the iOS Find My app to ring your tracker when it’s within Bluetooth range, or ask your Smart Home device to find it for you, the tracker will make some sound for you to locate it.
  • ✅ Distance Tracking – When the tracker is taken far away from your phone, as long as there are iOS devices arround the tracker’s Bluetooth range, you still can find it in your map with the Find My app, even it is taken to another side of the planet.
  • ✅ Bluetooth Connection – With the Find My app, the tracker will be automatically recognized by any Apple devices nearby in the tracker’s Bluetooth range, indoor 40-60ft, outdoor 80-200ft. The tracker will connect to your phone directly by Bluetooth or by other devices through the internet, so you can track it globally.
  • ✅ Tech Specifications – Compact size 1.5×1.5″, replaceable battery CR2032 for 1-year working time,up to 200ft Bluetooth direct connection range, compatible to iOS only, work with Find My app.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 0.27
Width 1.5
Length 1.5

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