10 Best Katana Sword With Dragon Tsubas [2023 UPDATED RANKINGS]

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Many customers find it difficult to decide which katana sword with dragon tsubas product to buy. The dilemma is brought about by the many types of katana sword with dragon tsubass in the market.  This comprehensive guide will provide you with a clear understanding of how you may choose the most suitable katana sword with dragon tsubass available in the market.

10 Best katana sword with dragon tsubas Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Dragon Tsuba Sword Guard for Katana/Wakizashi/Tanto Fittings Set Alloy Tsuba+Menuki+Fuchi+Kashira+Habaki+Seppa Metal Fittings (Bronze-3, TSUBA31-3.3IN)

Features :

  • Condition: Brand New,Aset of heavyAbout :224gramondition: Brand New,Aset of heavyAbout :220gram
  • Tsuba/Menuki/Fuchi/Kashira/Habaki/Seppa Material:Kirsite,Tsuba/Menuki/Fuchi/Kashira/Habaki/Seppa Material:Kirsite,
  • Tsuba lengthand width :,About 7.8cm-8.5cm, Aboutthick :0.5cm
  • Fuchi lengthand width:About 3.8cm-2.2cm, Kashira lengthand width:About 3.3cm-2.0cm,
  • Menuki length:About4.0cm Habaki:3.2cm Seppa length and widthAbout:4.3cm-2.2cm
  • Note:This Is A Set Of Japanese Sword Fittings, Which Suit For Japanese Katana, Wakizashi And Tanto.

Additional Info :

Color BRONZE-3
Item Dimensions
Weight 0.4850169764

2. Makoto Hand Forged Razor Sharp 41″ Black Samurai Katana Sword – Hand Painted High Gloss Black Scabbard (Dragon_Round Tsuba)

Features :

  • Battle Ready! Hand honed razer sharp functional japanese katana. The blade is forged from 1045 high carbon steel and tempered for consistent hardness and flexibility
  • Features a black lacquered scabbard (saya) with hand painted golden dragon
  • Overall Length: 41 1/2″ in saya; 40″ out of saya. Blade Length: 27″
  • Double pegged full tang blade with fuller (blood groove). Black cord wrapped handle.
  • Including black cotton sword bag for carrying and protection

Additional Info :

Color Black

3. Red Dragon Katana and Scabbard – Carbon Steel Blade, Cord-Wrapped Handle, Faux Rayskin, Metal Tsuba – Length 37 1/4”

Features :

  • A striking, display-worthy yet functional sword, the Red Dragon Katana makes a great piece to start your own sword collection
  • The 27 1/4” carbon steel blade extends from a flower patterned habaki and a rectangle-shaped tsuba with an intricate dragon design
  • The wooden handle is wrapped in red nylon rope over black faux rayskin, and the metal pommel has a dragon design
  • The 37 1/4” overall katana fits like a glove in its red lacquered hardwood scabbard, which has carved designs

4. Real Japanese Samurai Katana Sword 1095/T10High Carbon Steel Heat Tempered/Clay Tempered, Full Tang Dragon Tsuba,Full Tang,Functional Sharp…

Features :

  • This sword is made of T10 Carbon Steel Clay Tempered, clay tempered with a polished mirror-like surface.The blade is repeatedly heat treated and hand forged to remove impurities. The clay temper process combines the characters of toughness and flexibility,. The blade is forged and polished repeatedly with traditional unique techniques. The surface is very smooth, bright and sharp enough to cut fruit, bamboo, water bottles, and so on
  • The handle of the katana is full tang and uses the alloy tsuba design. The alloy structure habaki(blade neck). It is fixed by two seppas(spacers). The handle of the sword is fixed by two bamboo nails. The wooden(tsuka) handle is covered by black imitated fishskin and black filament rayon. (Saya) sheath is made from high-quality wood and oil paint. And it is covered by a high-quality rayon.
  • MARTIAL ARTS SWORDS—This swords real weapons sharp,Very suitable as a collectible,It is also very suitable as a gift to like-minded friends,But please note that this is a real sword, please do not let children under 16 approach it
  • SERVICE GUARANTEE—We promise our katana sword real sharp, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will reply within 12 hours. And we accept 30 days no reason to return the goods
  • KATANAS SPECIFICATIONS—Blade Material:1095 steel,It is 104 cm/40.94 inch in length, 27 cm/10.63 inch in handle length and 71 cm/27.95 inch in blade length. Sori 1.8 cm/0.71 inch,Color black,Package contains:1 katana,1 black rayon bag

Additional Info :

Color T10 High Carbon Steel Clay TemperedRandom pattern
Item Dimensions
Weight 2.755778275

5. K EXCLUSIVE Cloud Dragon Katana – Stainless Steel Blade, Metal Alloy Tsuba, Cord-Wrapped Handle, Scabbard with Dragon Design – Beautiful Katana for Collectors or Warriors – 36 1/2″ Overall

Features :

  • This Samurai sword is pure perfection from its white, carved sheath to its supremely sharp, perfectly balanced blade
  • It has a 26 1/2†razor-sharp stainless steel blade and a pewter-colored metal alloy tsuba with a detailed dragon design
  • The wooden handle is wrapped in white faux rayskin and black cord and the end cap matches the design of the tsuba
  • The 36 1/2†overall katana slides into a white, lacquered wooden scabbard with a carved and black painted dragon pattern

6. Black Dragon Katana and Scabbard – Carbon Steel Blade, Faux Ray Skin and Cord-Wrapped Handle, Rectangle Shaped Metal Tsuba – Ornate Katana for Both Showcasing and Sword Work – 37” Overall

Features :

  • Absolutely what you’re looking for in a sword, the Black Dragon Katana makes a great starter for your own katana collection
  • The 27” carbon steel blade extends from a flower patterned habaki and a rectangle-shaped tsuba with an intricate dragon design
  • The wooden handle is wrapped in black nylon rope over black faux rayskin, and the metal pommel has a dragon design
  • The 37” overall katana fits like a glove in its black lacquered hardwood scabbard, which has carved designs

7. Traditional Japanese Handmade Sharp Katana Samurai Sword with Scabbard (Dragon Tsuba)

Features :

  • Classic Handmade Razor Sharp Samurai Katana Sword with Dragon Tsuba
  • Comes with a 3 piece wood Single Sword Stand measuring 15″ wide 6.5″ tall
  • 40″ Overall in length with wood Scabbard
  • Full tang 28″ High Carbon Steel Razor Sharp Blade and 2 wood mekugi pegs in the handle

Additional Info :

Color Dragon Tsuba

8. Handmade Sword – Aluminium Alloy Unsharpened Iaido Training Katana Sword, Handmade, Full Tang, Dragon Tsuba, Black Scabbard

Features :

  • Aluminium alloy, Unsharpped Edge, Fully Handmade, Katana Training Sword
  • Dragon pattern tsuba, Full tang with Hi, Practical
  • Approx. 28″ blade, 11″ handle & overall 41″
  • Wooden handle covered w/ray skin & wrapped w/black cotton cord
  • Black piano Lacquered wooden scabbard tied with blackcotton Sageo

Additional Info :

Color Dragon

9. Katana Sword Dragon Sword Real Swords with Metal Blades Japanese Martial Arts Training Sword Practice Sword Tactical Ninja Sword Sword Real Sword Ninja Costume Sword 50339 (Pink)

Features :

  • ☑️ DRAGON KATANA SWORD SERIES – A MUST HAVE for your costume, training sword, form practice sword, home decor, office decor and anything that’s fun. A japanese sword was used by the warrior class but was also used as a ninja sword by ninjas. This is because katana was readily available at the time ninjas existed, so they used them as well. A katana served as a training sword, practice sword and tactical sword.
  • ☑️ 27″ BLADE – Each Sword blade is professionally heat treated to balance hardness and toughness, increasing blade durability and capabilities. Each blade is shaped, heat treated, sharpened, then the handguard (Tsuba) is put on, along with fittings (Habaki, Seppa) then the handle is mounted (Tsuka).
  • ☑️ CARBON STEEL BLADE SWORDS – Please keep in mind that these are real swords with metal blades. Swords are considered a piece of Japanese history but it is also considered a form of Japanese art. Just like functional but decorated armor and a helmet, a Katana and all of it’s parts were traditionally made by artisans which specialized in each part of the Katana.
  • ☑️ WOOD SCABBARD (Saya) – Each saya is carved out of wood, shaped, smoothed out, then coated which gives it a great look and also protects the wood from the environment. Each saya is shaped to match the bend of the katana blade, providing protection for the blade, and makes carrying the katana safer by covering the blade.
  • ☑️ MULTI-USE SWORD – KCCEdge swords are perfect for all occasions; you can use it for halloween as a costume sword, a training sword, practice sword, tactical sword, use it at LARP events, as home decor, office decor, camping gear, survival kit, survival gear, and they make perfect gifts for Husband or Wife, Mom & Dad, Men and Women, Brother and Sister, Son and Daughter, Grand Parents, Relatives, and Friends.

Additional Info :

Color Pink

10. Handmade Sword – Samurai Katana Sword, Functional, Hand Forged, 1060 Carbon Steel, Heat Tempered, Full Tang, Sharp, Dragon Tsuba, Bendable Blade, Black Wooden Scabbard, Sword Certificate

Features :

  • 1060 Fully Handmade Quality Japanese Samurai Katana Sword
  • Dragon tsuba, full tang, sharp edge, and functional
  • Approx 28.4″ blade 10.7″ handle & overall 40.6″
  • Wooden handle wrapped w/ray skin & black cotton cord w/ Menuki
  • Black piano lacquered wood tied with black Japanese cotton Sageo

Additional Info :

Color Dragon
Item Dimensions
Height 4.4
Width 4.4
Length 44.8
Weight 5.1

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