The four winners of the HSBC Water Programme Awards 2016 arrived in Wuhan, China on Sunday 12 February to start their week long visit to see WWF's work on the Yangtze. The winners here to enjoy their prize trip are Tania Ramirez, Mexico, Dean Bruce, Canada, (Global Citizen Science Leaders of the Year) Sunil Kumar, India, (Global Champion of the Year) and Yudhi Sutrisna, Indonesia, (Overall Photography winner). We are pleased to have with us business representatives Shirley Kam, HSBC Private Bank, Hong Kong, and Davy Yan, Retail Banking and Wealth Management, HSBC China and colleagues from Asia Pacific region Corporate Sustainability Wing Lau, Hong Kong, and Michael Jiang, China. They are joined by Sue Alexander and Janet Andrews from Global Sustainability.

What price development? Reflections on Day One

Freshwater aquaculture on the Yangtze. Reflections on Day Two

From problem to progress. Reflecions on Day Three

Culture and sustainable development. Reflections on Day Four

End of Yangtze, start of a new journey. Reflections on Day Five

HSBC has worked in partnership with WWF for more than 15 years, and we are delighted to give our Award winners this opportunity to see the conservation achievements and hear about the challenges faced first hand. The trip, hosted by WWF's Brigitte Alarcon, UK and Qian Wang, China, will see the participants travelling from central Yangtze to the estuary. They will learn how WWF engage communities, businesses and government, and demonstrate practical solutions to help them understand the importance of conserving the environment and its biodiversity, to benefit people's lives and livelihoods.

We will be bringing you the stories from the trip over the coming days, so please do check back here.

Dongting Lake

Dongting Lake © Xiaodung Sun

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