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As part of the HSBC Water Programme, WaterAid have installed a new tap stand and toilets in the village of Kushadevi, located in the Kavre district in Nepal. Students at a local school now have access to clean water and sanitation during the day, increasing their access to education and enhancing their future employment opportunities.

Before the WaterAid project began in Kushadevi, only around a quarter of households in the village had access to sanitation, and there was a high prevalence of water and sanitation related diseases. Due to the lack of a sufficient clean water supply in the area, women and girls were often tasked with the job of collecting water from elsewhere, meaning they were unable to work and attend school.

With vital support from the HSBC Water Programme, WaterAid and local partner CIUD have installed a new washing station with taps and toilets in Kushadevi. As well as helping the local community, the new washing station is also benefiting a local primary school, meaning that students have access to these facilities during the day.

Access to clean water and toilets has a direct impact on school attendance, particularly for girls. It has been estimated that around 443 million school days are lost each year because of water-related illnesses (Human Development Report). Additionally, girls often drop out of school when they start their periods if there are not the facilities in place to manage them. 

Samrakshya, 12, a student at the school said: “Now even small children can use this tap to drink water and wash their hands. I think every school should have these type of hand washing stations for students."

With increased educational attendance, the future opportunities for children living in Kushadevi are greatly enhanced, increasing their employment choices for later in life.

Kabita, 32, lives in Kushadevi and has benefitted from the new washing station, and has said that her family’s daily life has become much easier since the construction of the new toilets. She said that before the toilets were installed, “most of the households in the village did not have access to proper toilets. Because of this, we had to wait for dawn or dusk as the toilets did not have proper doors. Teenage girls had problems during their periods due to this lack of basic facilities.”

Since the washing station has been installed, so have the hygiene practices and awareness levels around sanitation have increased in the community.

Over the past five years, WaterAid and HSBC have worked together to transform lives in six countries: Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Ghana and Nigeria. Together, we have reached 1.65 million people with clean water and 2.5 million people with sanitation and hygiene. The work funded by HSBC Water Programme allows communities to build skills, increase their productivity and future-proof economies of the regions they live in. Find out more about WaterAid’s work in partnership with HSBC.

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