Creating Sustainable Supply Chains through WASH

To celebrate the launch of the new Supply Chains in Apparel Sector Programme at Stockholm World Water Week, WaterAid and HSBC have created this new animation to highlight the impact of access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services for workers in the supply chains globally and to strengthen the business case for WASH. You can watch the animation here: 

Ever thought about the journey your clothes have been on before you wore them? It’s likely that they’ve travelled around the world, and been made by many different people – people who are likely not to have access to clean drinking water while they are at work, or at home.

WaterAid and HSBC have launched a new programme which will deliver essential WASH services to apparel factories and nearby worker communities in Bangladesh and India. Investing in WASH in the workplace, the supply chains, and the communities where workers live, aims to not only improve health and quality of life for workers, but also increase supply chain resilience and business productivity, while encouraging sustainable fashion through fair working environments.

Over the past five years, WaterAid and HSBC have worked together to transform lives in six countries: Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Ghana and Nigeria. Together, we have reached 1.65 million people with clean water and 2.5 million people with sanitation and hygiene. The work funded by HSBC Water Programme allows communities to build skills, increase their productivity and future-proof economies of the regions they live in. Find out more about WaterAid’s work in partnership with HSBC. 

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