What is the HSBC Water Programme?

Water is a huge and growing global challenge. It is essential to all human activity and a fundamental driver of all socio-economic growth but, as a resource, it is under strain from population growth, development and climate change. Find out more.

  • India’s senior management visit WWF sites

    24/02/2015 From community workshops to turtle hatchling releases, read the full account of their visit to Uttar Pradesh, India to witness WWF’s work.
  • UK Financial Times features the Ganges

    23/02/2015 The recent cover story of the UK Financial Times’ Weekend Magazine was a fascinating, in-depth feature on India’s river Ganges, where WWF is working to restore the health of this holy river.
  • Avinoam Baruch sets sights on PhD

    18/02/2015 Earthwatch research intern Avinoam Baruch, 23, is to begin a fully funded PhD this month on citizen scientists and flood risk, at Loughborough University, UK.
  • WWF celebrates World Wetlands Day

    02/02/2015 Today, WWF are celebrating World Wetlands Day and are taking a tour across the globe to look at the key wetland areas being protected under the HSBC Water Programme.
  • Earthwatch lecture will explore ‘biggest risk’: Water

    26/01/2015 Join us in person or online to learn more about our ‘biggest societal and economic risk’ – and be inspired by a panel of leading experts.

Where we work

Of the world's population...

...has been displaced by dams
...do not have access to a safe and adequate water supply
...lives without clean drinking water
...will be living under severe water stress by 2030
...depend upon 0.007 percent of all the planet's water for all of their needs

The WaterHub is the home of the HSBC Water Programme