What is the HSBC Water Programme?

Water is a huge and growing global challenge. It is essential to all human activity and a fundamental driver of all socio-economic growth but, as a resource, it is under strain from population growth, development and climate change. Find out more.

  • WaterAid reaches one million people with access to...

    23/03/2015 WaterAid, in collaboration with local partner organisations and governments, is helping mobilise individuals and communities across six countries in South Asia and West Africa to build toilets.
  • Working in collaboration to deliver stories from the HSBC...

    23/03/2015 Together with WaterAid, HSBC wanted to tell the story of WaterAid’s work in Rhaki Mandi, an urban slum on the outskirts of Kanpur. This is the story of the making of a very special film.
  • FreshWater Watch: the findings so far

    23/03/2015 The data collected by Citizen Science Leaders is providing vital information on the health of our planet’s freshwater, and improving our understanding of how water bodies behave. Earthwatch is pleased to reveal the findings so far.
  • Join WWF’s Earth Hour celebrations worldwide!

    20/03/2015 From Brazil to Malaysia, HSBC employees around the world are once again supporting Earth Hour to show their care about climate change. Find out how you can get involved.
  • 65 endangered gharials return back to the Ganga

    20/03/2015 As part of a unique collaboration between WWF, the government, communities and civil society, 65 captive-bred gharials were released into the Ganges.

Where we work

Of the world's population...

...has been displaced by dams
...do not have access to a safe and adequate water supply
...lives without clean drinking water
...will be living under severe water stress by 2030
...depend upon 0.007 percent of all the planet's water for all of their needs

The WaterHub is the home of the HSBC Water Programme